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Short Description
Uses the Let's Encrypt CA to generate (free) SSL certificates for domains managed by DNSimple.
Full Description

Dockerized Let's Encrypt DNSimple

Docker image that uses the Let's Encrypt Certificate Authority to generate free SSL certificates for domains hosted on- or managed by DNSimple.

This Docker image wraps around dpiddy/letsencrypt-dnsimple.


  • One or more domains hosted- or managed by DNSimple
  • A machine with Docker installed


Assuming you have Docker installed on your machine:

$ docker run --rm \
  -e \
  -e,www/ \
  -e \
  -v $(pwd)/live:/cwd/live \
  -ti mrrooijen/letsencrypt-dnsimple

Use / instead of . to denote the separation between subdomain and DNSimple domain.

If no issues occur, the following files will be created in the ./live subfolder of the current working directory:


Author / License

Released under the MIT License by Michael van Rooijen.

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