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This Docker image can be used to create Python RESTful microservices
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This Docker image can be used to create Python RESTful microservices. It includes the following components:

Nginx configuration

Nginx is preconfigured to listen on the port 80, and act as a reverse proxy to any HTTP application running on the port 8080.

Nginx will foward every HTTP request to the port 8080, except for the following URLs, since they are reserved by convention.

Any microservice built with this image should overrite the following files via the COPY command in the Dockerfile, to update these endpoints.

File URL
/opt/ms/VERSION /ms/version
/opt/ms/NAME /ms/name
/opt/ms/ /ms/
/opt/swagger/swagger.json /swagger/swagger.json

Other endpoints available :

Component URL Description
msa-readme-parser /ms/readme.html HTML version of the Readme
msa-swagger-ui /swagger/#/ Swagger-UI
msa-nginx-dashboard /nginx/stats.html Dashboard with stats on Nginx
msa-nginx-dashboard /nginx/stats.json Stats on Nginx as JSON

Also included in the default Nginx configuration :

  • CORS headers
  • Gzip compression
  • Keep-alive
  • 50 MB cache


To use this image simply this line at the top of your Dockerfile :

FROM msagency/gmsa-image-python:latest

An example can be found here : msa-template-python


  • Simplify the Nginx config


A project by the Microservices Agency.

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