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Dockerized conpot in T-Pot
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Dockerized conpot in T-Pot

conpot is a low interactive server side ICS/SCADA honeypot with the goal to collect intelligence about the motives and methods of adversaries targeting industrial control systems.

This repository contains the necessary files to create a dockerized version of conpot.

For this setup, it is inteded to extend and configure conpot to use the new PowerLogic ION6200 module only.

The Dockerfile contains the blueprint for the dockerized conpot and will be used to setup the docker image.

The conpot.conf is tailored to fit the T-Pot (honyepot) environment. All important data is stored in /data/conpot/.

The supervisord.conf is used to start conpot under supervision of supervisord.

In case you want to run the dockerized conpot independently, you must modify the config files to match your environment and rebuild the docker image.

Using upstart, copy the upstart/conpot.conf to /etc/init/conpot.conf and start using the command: service conpot start

This will make sure that the docker container is started with the appropriate rights. Further, it autostarts during boot. In the T-Pot setup, some ports are excluded as they need to be reserved for other honeypot daemons running in parallel.

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