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This repository contains a set of Docker container definitions for various combination of OCaml and BigraphER, a suite of open-source tools providing an efficient implementation of rewriting, simulation, and visualisation for bigraphs.
To use the binary image, just do:

docker pull mseve/bigrapher
docker run -ti mseve/bigrapher:latest

The tool can then be invoked within the container with command bigrapher.


The default latest tag points to the following distribution:

Distribution BigraphER Version Command
Ubuntu 16.04 1.2.1 docker pull mseve/bigrapher

The other tags are summarised below. The default OCaml version available in the container is 4.05.0+flambda.

Distribution BigraphER Version Command
Alpine 3.4 1.0.0 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:alpine-3.4_bigrapher-1.0.0
Alpine 3.4 1.0.1 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:alpine-3.4_bigrapher-1.0.1
Alpine 3.4 1.0.2 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:alpine-3.4_bigrapher-1.0.2
Alpine 3.4 1.1.0 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:alpine-3.4_bigrapher-1.1.0
Alpine 3.4 1.2.0 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:alpine-3.4_bigrapher-1.2.0
Alpine 3.4 1.2.1 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:alpine-3.4_bigrapher-1.2.1
Alpine 3.5 1.0.0 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:alpine-3.5_bigrapher-1.0.0
Alpine 3.5 1.0.1 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:alpine-3.5_bigrapher-1.0.1
Alpine 3.5 1.0.2 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:alpine-3.5_bigrapher-1.0.2
Alpine 3.5 1.1.0 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:alpine-3.5_bigrapher-1.1.0
Alpine 3.5 1.2.0 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:alpine-3.5_bigrapher-1.2.0
Alpine 3.5 1.2.1 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:alpine-3.5_bigrapher-1.2.1
Alpine 3.6 1.0.0 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:alpine-3.6_bigrapher-1.0.0
Alpine 3.6 1.0.1 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:alpine-3.6_bigrapher-1.0.1
Alpine 3.6 1.0.2 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:alpine-3.6_bigrapher-1.0.2
Alpine 3.6 1.1.0 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:alpine-3.6_bigrapher-1.1.0
Alpine 3.6 1.2.0 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:alpine-3.6_bigrapher-1.2.0
Alpine 3.6 1.2.1 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:alpine-3.6_bigrapher-1.2.1
Ubuntu 16.04 1.0.0 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:ubuntu-16.04_bigrapher-1.0.0
Ubuntu 16.04 1.0.1 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:ubuntu-16.04_bigrapher-1.0.1
Ubuntu 16.04 1.0.2 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:ubuntu-16.04_bigrapher-1.0.2
Ubuntu 16.04 1.1.0 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:ubuntu-16.04_bigrapher-1.1.0
Ubuntu 16.04 1.2.0 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:ubuntu-16.04_bigrapher-1.2.0
Ubuntu 16.04 1.2.1 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:ubuntu-16.04_bigrapher-1.2.1
Ubuntu 16.10 1.0.0 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:ubuntu-16.10_bigrapher-1.0.0
Ubuntu 16.10 1.0.1 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:ubuntu-16.10_bigrapher-1.0.1
Ubuntu 16.10 1.0.2 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:ubuntu-16.10_bigrapher-1.0.2
Ubuntu 16.10 1.1.0 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:ubuntu-16.10_bigrapher-1.1.0
Ubuntu 16.10 1.2.0 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:ubuntu-16.10_bigrapher-1.2.0
Ubuntu 16.10 1.2.1 docker pull mseve/bigrapher:ubuntu-16.10_bigrapher-1.2.1



deletes all the branches besides master.


creates a separate branch for each docker image.

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