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Contributions around g5k notebook


  • Have an account on Grid'5000
  • SSH keys configured to connect to (with passphrase)
  • A SSH-agent running on you host machine

Use the docker image

docker run --rm -it\
  -p 8888:8888 \
  -v /Users/msimonin/.restfully:/.restfully:ro \
  -v $SSH_AUTH_SOCK:/ssh-agent \
  -e SSH_AUTH_SOCK=/ssh-agent \
  -e RESTFULLY_CONFIG="/.restfully/" \
  -e USER=msimonin \
  msimonin/g5k-notebook iruby notebook


  • -p 8888:8888 forward port 8888 of your container to port 8888 on your host machine. That's let you connect to the notebook using http://localhost:8888

  • -v /Users/msimonin/.restfully:/.restfully:ro mount the host configuration of restfully inside the container under /restfully. Minimal configuration is :

echo '
username: MYLOGIN
password: MYPASSWORD
' > ~/.restfully/ && chmod 600 ~/.restfully/

Don't forget to adapt your path to restfully folder.

  • -v $SSH_AUTH_SOCK:/ssh-agent and -e SSH_AUTH_SOCK=/ssh-agent will allow the SSH client in your container to use the SSH agent of your host machine.

  • -e RESTFULLY_CONFIG="/.restfully/" tells restfully to use the previously mounted file as base configuration.

Don't forget to adapt the name of the sepectific grid5000 restfully file.

  • -e USER=msimonin sets the USER variable (used by xp5k) for ssh connection to Grid'5000.

Don't forget to set your Grid'5000 username.

On Mac OS using docker-machine

On your Mac, run first

docker-machine ssh default -A -L 8888:localhost:8888

It will forward the agent to the VM and forward port from your Mac to the VM.

Inside the VM, run the docker command described above.

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