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Heroku Image built based of official ubuntu
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Quickly spin up a new container that contains all heroku dependencies to connect easily to heroku as a charm, just follow the following instructions:

1) Start by running a new container:

docker run -ti msolimans/heroku 

You can mount current working directory in your host as a volume:

 docker run -ti -v $(pwd):/var/mount/myapp msolimans/heroku 

You should be automatically inside a container, an example below:


2) Once you are inside your container, Login to your heroku and provide your access (email/pass)

root@a423c4f876c5:/var/mount#  heroku login

3) Create heroku app, you can specify a region using option "--region eu"

root@a423c4f876c5:/var/mount# heroku apps:create myappname

You should receive response like:

Creating ⬢ myappsy... done |

4) Your directory should be controlled by a source control like git, if not you have to initialize git repository, you can skip this step if you have already a git controlled repository:

root@a423c4f876c5:/var/mount# git init 

5) Add and Commit all changes locally:

root@a423c4f876c5:/var/mount# git commit * -am "initial commit"

6) Finally, Push to heroku branch from your local master branch, please notice that heroku remote branch were added automatically after creating your app by heroku "it should refer to"

root@a423c4f876c5:/var/mount# git push heroku master 
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