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Micro-service used to store credentials
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A RESTful Java micro-service that can be used to store resource credentials in a central location. It uses Java 8, dropwizard, lombok, and RSA/AES encryption algorithms.

Its main purpose is to remove the need to store credential in code or configuration files and, instead, have the clients retrieve the credentials it needs from a centralized server. It also facilitates credential rotation, as clients can periodically retrieve the credentials from the server without downtime.

The data is encrypted using a random AES symmetrical key and this key is encrypted using the client's RSA public key. So the data can only be retrieved using the private key, which resides in the client.

There's a test sandbox server running the service available at: Please keep in mind this is a test server and it may not be up all the time and it may not be secured.


  • Dropwizard hibernate bundle
    • Automatically retrieves database credentials and polls for credentials changes. Allows database credentials rotation in production without downtime.
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