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Short Description
Daily (somewhat) snapshot of GNU Octave for development use
Full Description

Creates a Docker image that contains a build of the current development
version of GNU Octave.

Image is available on Docker Hub at

Quick Start

  1. Create a Docker image derived from mtmiller/octave-snapshot, or just
    docker run -it mtmiller/octave-snapshot.
  2. Use Octave or build your project against it.
  3. Profit.


The scripts in this repository are licensed under a modified BSD license. See for the full license text.

Get Involved

If you want to help make this project better, please read the
contribution guidelines.

Implementation Details

Because of the resources needed to compile Octave from source, it is
impractical to build it using the Docker Hub's automated build service.

Therefore, the following procedure is used

  1. Octave is compiled in a virtual machine (either EC2 or a Vagrant VM)

  2. Octave binary payload is archived, compressed, and published to S3 from
    within the VM

  3. Docker image is rebuilt on Docker Hub

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