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MTS build support

Docker images for MTS.
The portion of MTS is solely based on publicly open materials.

Dependency graph

The images here has the relationship seen below.

  • mts-runtime: common images with common runtime packages installed
    • mts-builder: a special image for building native binaries
    • mts-mgmt-base: management node base image
    • mts-ctrl-base: control node base image
    • mts-node-base: per node base image

This particular order is reflected on building the images.


The versioning of build support images is done based on the dependency
relationship between mts-runtime and the rest.

MTS runtime has its own version and the other images rely on that version.
Here, we rely on Docker tags to achieve this.

mts-runtime tags

mts-runtime image will have a tag like below.

  • mts-runtime:runtime-{sourceref}

Examples of using this tags will be like below.

  • mtsbuilder/mts-runtime:runtime-0.1
  • mtsbuilder/mts-runtime:runtime-0.2-rc1

Dependent images

The images that rely on mts-runtime has another scheme which has a prefix
reflecting the actual character of it.

  • mtsbuilder/mts-builder:release-0.1
  • mtsbuilder/mts-mgmt-base:release-0.1
  • mtsbuilder/mts-ctrl-base:release-0.1
  • mtsbuilder/mts-node-base:release-0.1

Here, the format is mtsbuilder/<image>-release-{sourceref}.

The dependent images should directly refer to

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