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Debian, Open JDK 6, DeepaMehta 4.4
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Installs a DeepaMehta 4.4.3 on Debian Wheezy with OpenJDK 6.

Configures file logging, sets port worldwide open via network mask, sets custom filerepo and database path.

Run image in container

sudo docker run -p 32100:8080 -it mukil/deepamehta4:standard-unsecure

deepamehta@x1y2z3: cd deepamehta-4.4.3

deepamehta@x1y2z3: ./

Open <a href="http://localhost:32100/de.deepamehta.webclient">Webclient</a>


You could mount some of your hosts' volume into /database and /filerepo.

Wait, where's the dockerfile? Mmh.

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