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Quick start ASP.NET 5 image derived from official docker image and contains come "ready-to-go" sauce
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ASP.NET 5 hello-world Docker image

Quick start image derived from official docker image and contains some "ready-to-go" sauce.

How to run

$ docker run -d -i -p 5000:5000 muojp/hellovnext-docker:latest
$ curl http://localhost:5000/
Hello World

this will fetch everything needed and start embedded web server.

Then, opening http://localhost:5000/ will show you the "Hello World" page.

Some playing scenarios

Start a container with bash to view and modify sample application code.

$ docker run -i -t -p 5000:5000 muojp/hellovnext-docker:latest /bin/bash -i
root@0ec26fddd651:/opt/helloworld/src/helloworldweb# pwd
root@0ec26fddd651:/opt/helloworld/src/helloworldweb# cat Startup.cs
using System;
using System.Net.WebSockets;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
        app.Run(async context =>
            var payload = "Hello World";
            context.Response.ContentLength = payload.Length;
            await context.Response.WriteAsync(payload);
root@0ec26fddd651:/opt/helloworld/src/helloworldweb# apt-get install vim
root@0ec26fddd651:/opt/helloworld/src/helloworldweb# vim Startup.cs 

Change the file as you like, and then

root@0ec26fddd651:/opt/helloworld/src/helloworldweb# k web

to launch web server. Then, execute Ctrl+p Ctrl+q to detach from the container.

$ curl http://localhost:5000/
Hello World!!!!

Launch 'KestrelHTTPServer' instead of default Web server

$ docker run -d -i -t -p 5000:5000 muojp/hellovnext-docker:latest k kestrel



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