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Docker to use wavedrom-cli
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Pure Docker

docker run -v ~/Documents:/data mvonbun/docker-wavedrom-cli -i mywave.json -p mywave.pdf

to generate file ~/Documents/mywave.pdf out of ~/Documents/mywave.json.

Bash Wrapper Script input output file1 file2 file3 -f svg file1 file2 file3


wavedrom is a convenient way for drawing waveforms.

The official resources for building waveforms include:

Using the cli, you can code offline (or use the online editor and copy
your code) and convert the result to either PDF, PNG, or SVG. To use
the official cli, PhantomJS is required on the
system. Using docker, there is no need for installing PhantomJS just to
get your waveforms from the command line.

wavedrom-cli options

-i infile.json input wavedrom source filename
-p outfile.png output PNG image file name
-p outfile.pdf output PDF file name
-s outfile.svg output SVG image file name


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