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NGINX Webserver

Simple nginx webserver with optional LDAP based basic authentictaion. If you need PHP, use waeckerlin/php-fpm. To enable LDAP based basic authentication, link to mwaeckerlin/ldap-auth.


Exposes nginx on port 8080.


Configuration is done with the following environment variables:

  • WEB_ROOT_PATH: Sets the path to the web files, defaults to /var/lib/nginx/html.

  • WEB_ROOT: Path in the url, e.g. to access nginx on http://localhost:8080/mypath, set -e ENV_WEB_ROOT=/mypath. Defaults to /.

  • MAX_BODY_SIZE: Set maximum size of http client request body, defaults to 0 (no check).

  • AUTOINDEX: Flag whether a directory index should be created automatically when no index file exists. Default: off.

  • ERROR_PAGE: Optional rules to setup an error page. Empty by default.

  • LOCATION_ROOT_RULES: Optional additional rules that are copied inside the location rule. Empty by default.

Data Path

The files in WEB_ROOT_PATH are served by the webserver. You can either copy your web data there, mount a volume to WEB_ROOT_PATH or set a different WEB_ROOT_PATH and provide your web data there.

LDAP - Untested

Please note: The LDAP basic authentication feature is untested since a while, so it my or may not work. Open a ticket, if you need it and it does not work.

For LDAP basic authentication, you can either link to a mwaeckerlin/ldap-auth container, or configure the following variables:

  • LDAP_HOST: LDAP host name

  • LDAP_BASE_DN: LDAP base distinguished name

  • LDAP_BIND_DN: Bind distinguished name if authentication is required.

  • LDAP_BIND_PASS: Bind password if authentication is required.

  • LDAP_REALM: Arbitrary realm text that is shown to the user at login. Defaults to Restricted.


Simple Example With Default Page

docker run -it --rm --name myservice -p 8005:8080 mwaeckerlin/nginx

Got to http://localhost:8005. Cleans up when you press Ctrl+C.

Simple Example To Serve A Directory

docker run -it --rm --name myservice -p 8005:8080 \
           -e AUTOINDEX=on \
           -v ${HOME}:/var/lib/nginx/html:ro \

Got to http://localhost:8005. Shows your home directory. Cleans up when you press Ctrl+C.

Example With LDAP Authentication

docker run -d --name myservice-ldap […] mwaeckerlin/ldap-auth
docker run -d --name myservice --link myservice-ldap:ldap -p 8005:8080 mwaeckerlin/nginx
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