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An image for building deviationTx firmware
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An image for building deviationTx firmware images.

This image does not include the deviation sources, but expects them to be mounted on /deviation when the container is started. The image deviation-source can be used to create a container with the sources if you wish, but normal usage would be to mount them from your local source tree, and just do builds in the container.


docker run -it -v ~/src/deviation:/deviation --name deviation mwmeyer/deviation /bin/bash

will create a container using your local sources and give you a shell in it from which you can run makes. You can then stop the container by exiting the shell, and start it with "docker start -a deviation" to get your shell back.

Alternatively, since the containers are lightweight, you can create & destroy a new one every build with:

docker run deviation -v ~/src/deviation:/deviation -rm mwmeyer/deviation make

which will build the default target (a devo8 firmware image). This way, you don't have to deal with starting/stopping the container, etc. If your IDE includes the ability to set a build command, the latter is recommended. Otherwise, just start the container in a window and run makes in it as needed.

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