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Standalone Mongod running in a container - WIP
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Container designed primarily to run mongoDB 3.2.8 in standalone mode. (Not part of a replica set)
startup command should look like the following. (More or less)
Keep in mind that if you are going to use the -m option on Docker run, you should also make a specific change to the wt cache config to be 60% of what you provision for -m.
The defaults in the mongod.conf can be overridden evidently if you use the -v option to mount the file from a host/volume based location.

docker run -d -m 2014m --name ops_db -h opsappdb.localhost -v /data -p=27018:27017 myalenti/mongod

For a no-frills docker run use the following.
Note it will not mount an external volume:

docker run -d -m 512m --name mongodb -h mongohost -p=27017:27017 myalenti/mongod:3.4

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