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Nginx docker container

This is a maszto/docker-nginx docker container with Nginx web server, nicely tuned for a better performance.

Things included:

- directory structure
/data/www # meant to contain web content
/data/www/_default # default vhost directory
/data/conf/nginx/ # extra configs to customise Nginx (see below)

The container will re-create above structure if it's missing - in case you'd use external /data volume.

- default vhost

Default vhost is configured and served from /data/www/_default.

- error logging

Nginx error_log is set to stderr and therefore Nginx log is available only via docker logs [contaienr], together with supervisor logs.

This is probably best approach if you'd like to source your logs from outside the container (e.g. via docker logs or CoreOS `journald') and you don't want to worry about logging and log management inside your container.

- graceful reload after config change

Folders /etc/nginx/ and /data/conf/nginx/ are monitored for any config changes and, when they happen, Nginx is gracefully reloaded.


docker run -d -p=80:80 -p=443:443 maszto/docker-nginx

With data container:

docker run -d -v /data --name=data maszto/docker-centos-supervisor
docker run -d --volumes-from=data -p=80:80 -p=80:80 --name=nginx maszto/docker-nginx

With PHP-FPM container link:

docker run -d --volumes-from=data -p=9000:9000 --name=php-fpm maszto/docker-php-fpm
docker run -d --volumes-from=data -p=80:80 --link=php-fpm:php-fpm --name=nginx maszto/docker-nginx

After that you can see the default vhost content (something like: 'default vhost created on [timestamp]') when you open http://CONTAINER_IP:PORT/ in the browser.

Things included

- GeoIP

MaxMind GeoIP module configuration and database, geo params are also mapped to fastcgi params in conf.d/default_fastcgi_params.conf file.

- Static files expiration config

Located in conf.d



Modify Nginx global configuration (http {} context) by adding configs in following locations:




Add vhosts by placing their configs in following locations:


Extra configs to include inside vhost.conf, in server {} context (already included in the default vhost):

include     /etc/nginx/conf.d/default-*.conf;
include     /data/conf/nginx/conf.d/default-*.conf;

ENV variables

Configure additional proxy listening on SET_INTERNAL_PROXY_ON_PORT port.
This might be useful during development, when container's ports are exposed outside under different ones. Because of different reasons you might want to access the project inside the container under the same port number as the one exposed outside. This is particularly handy for running inside the container e.g. integration tests or working with BrowserSync using --proxy option.


Author: Dawid Szymczak (

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