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PHP-FPM Docker container

Inspired by million12/docker-centos-supervisor Thank You for awesome piece of work.

This is a maszto/docker-php-fpm docker container with tweaked PHP-FPM server.

Things included:

- directory structure
/data/log # meant to contain php log files
/data/run # run directory

The container will re-create above structure if it's missing - in case you'd use external /data volume.

- error logging

PHP-FPM error_log is set to /data/log.

- graceful reload after config change

Folders /etc/php-fpm/ and /data/conf/nginx/ are monitored for any config changes and, when they happen, Nginx is gracefully reloaded.


docker run -d -p=9000:9000 --name php-fpm maszto/docker-php-fpm

With data container:

docker run -d -v /data --name=web-data busybox
docker run -d --volumes-from=web-data -p=9000:9000 --name=php-fpm maszto/docker-php-fpm

With data container from localdrive:

docker run -d -v /data:/data:ro --name=web-data busybox
docker run -d --volumes-from=web-data -p=9000:9000 --name=php-fpm maszto/docker-php-fpm
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