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Docker image for WordPress with Progressive Web App plugins
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This repository contains a Docker image that bundles
WordPress with a plugin
for Web Push Notifications.
It extends the official WordPress base image
with the wp-web-push plugin.

It includes a
Docker Compose configuration file
to simplify starting a Docker container for this WordPress image with a container
for the official MariaDB image, which provides
a database for the WordPress installation.

The image is listed on Docker Hub,
and it's an automated build,
which means Docker Hub rebuilds the image whenever the repository is changed
or the WordPress base image is updated.


To use this repository, install the Docker Engine
(on Mac, also create/start a Docker Machine).

Then clone the repository (recursively, to synchronize the Git submodule),
change to its working directory, and create/start a container with the image:

git clone --recursive
cd wordpress-pwa
docker-compose up

You should be able to go to http://localhost:8080 on Linux to access
the WordPress installation. On Mac, replace localhost with the IP address
of your Docker machine (docker-machine ip *name-of-machine*).

Deployment To sloppy

The repository includes a
sloppy configuration file
to deploy the image to sloppy. The file is based on
the WordPress quickstarter.
To use it, invoke sloppy with the file and a set of variables to replace
references in the file:

sloppy start sloppy.json -var=USERNAME:*username*,URI:**,DBUSER:*db-user-for-wordpress*,DBPASS:*db-password-for-wordpress*,DBROOT:*db-root-password*
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