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Jetbrains Hub - JetBrains Team Tools, Integrated
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Synergy between Team tools
Manage users, groups and permissions across Upsource and hub installations, and use a centralized dashboard for a quick overview of relevant commits, issues, or tests.


A build on top of Debian 8
For information on Hub check out:

Image Sizes

1.0.770, latest

Docker Switches

-p --port

This image runs on port 8080 and assumes being linked into a loadbalancer or reverse proxy such as Nginx. To ensure porting out the correct port use -p HOST_PORT:DOCKER_PORT.

$ docker run -d -p 10080:8080 mykro/jetbrains-hub

-v --volumes

To enable data persistence, make sure all folders created have been chown'ed to docker:docker.

Root home folder

$ docker run -d -v /HOST/FOLDER/:/jetbrains/hub/ mykro/jetbrains-hub

Backup folder mapping

$ docker run -d -v /HOST/FOLDER/backup:/jetbrains/hub/backup mykro/jetbrains-hub

Data Folder

$ docker run -d -v /HOST/FOLDER/data:/jetbrains/hub/data mykro/jetbrains-hub

Log Folder:

$ docker run -d -v /HOST/FOLDER/logs:/jetbrains/hub/logs mykro/jetbrains-hub

Temp Folder

$ docker run -d -v /jetbrains/hub/tmp:/jetbrains/hub/tmp mykro/jetbrains-hub


This is a nice switch which allows you to name an instance. This is handy if you're running High Availability with multiple containers mapped to the same host folders. This way it's easier to define the different containers under docker stats, and start/stop commands.
For example:

$ docker run -d --name=jbyt-001 -p 8081:8080 mykro/jetbrains-hub
$ docker run -d --name=jbyt-002 -p 8082:8080 mykro/jetbrains-hub
$ docker stop jbyt-001
$ docker start jbyt-001
$ docker stats jbyt-001 jbyt-002


If in event of container failure, you can get docker to auto-restart by using --restart=always
For example:

$ docker run -d --restart=always mykro/jetbrains-hub

Running Images

So, putting it all together you'll end up with a command as follows. As mentioned above, ensure that docker has permissions on the host folders otherwise it will fail.

$ docker run -d \
   -p 1001:8080 \
   -v /HOST/FOLDER/:/jetbrains/hub/ \
   -v /HOST/FOLDER/backup:/jetbrains/hub/backup \
   -v /HOST/FOLDER/data:/jetbrains/hub/data \
   -v /HOST/FOLDER/logs:/jetbrains/hub/logs \
   -v /HOST/FOLDER/tmp:/jetbrains/hub/tmp \
   --name=jbyt-001 \
   --restart=always \

Building a custom image

This image depends on the Server runtime version of Java I have built in mykro/java8-jre. This can be pulled with

$ docker pull mykro/java8-jre:latest

Make your edits under the build file, namely the location of files within the container. I have added an Environment Variable that you can change to specify how much RAM you are allowing Java to consume when running. Currently, it is set in the build file as 1024MBs.

Pulling different versions

Pull a different image with:

$ docker pull mykro/jetbrains-hub:[latest|6.5.16981]

To see more versions, check the image tag tab above!


If you've found a bug/issue, you can find the repo @

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