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gitkraken on docker
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How it works

Get the install og gitkraken from the web and run it on docker container.

What's new

Just a container to run gitkraken on it.

How to use it

 docker run --name gitkraken -ti --rm \
   -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix \
   -v $(pwd):/home/developer/data/ \
   -e UID=`id -u` -e GID=`id -g` \
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Comments (3)
a year ago

thx for your comment, I fix the how to.

For the su, I haven't yet fix this but you are true, this not affect the run of gitkraken, I have try with sudo but that was worst, perhaps a gosu would solve...

a year ago

PS : when I run the container, I get
su: Authentication failure
Apparently it does not prevent gitkraken to work but I wonder the reason of this message as you seem to be the right thing by adding developer permissions into the sudoers.d directory... any idea ?

a year ago


First, thanks for this image I was just about to create !
Then a little correction on the "How to use it" section : the image name is "docker-gitkraken" and not "gitkraken" so the "docker run" command fails.

Otherwise, great job !