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Sass && Compass
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Dockerized Sass

This is a Sass watcher.

To use it, mount your source .sass files folder in this image's /app folder
and run the container. While it's running, .css files will be written there,
watching for your changes.

For example:

docker run -v $(pwd)/my-sass-files-folder:/app myparkfolio/sass-compass

Use Compass

Package compass have been added and you can use it instead. Just mount the volume /app to your
resources directory.
This directory must contain a config.rb that contains configuration of sass and css directory inside.

Watching with compass

docker run -v $(pwd)/my-sass-files-folder:/app myparkfolio/sass-compass compass watch

Running once with compass

docker run --rm -v $(pwd)/my-sass-files-folder:/app myparkfolio/myparkfolio-sass-compass compass compile

Watching or running once

The default command is supposed to watch your filesystem for changes, but if
you only want to run it once (or the watcher does not work for some unknown
reason), you can call update-sass or update-scss to run the compiler once
and exit.

Of course, those are only shortcuts with some default options for the sass
and scss compilers. You can pass additional options to those shortcuts or
just call the compilers directly with any arguments you need.

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