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Run libpostal inside a docker container
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libpostal ( is a C library for
parsing and normalizing street addresses. Using libpostal requires
compiling a C program that downloads ~2GB of training data.

This Dockerfile automates that compilation and creates a container
with libpostal and libpostal-rest libpostal-rest which allows for a simple REST API
that makes it easy interact with libpostal.

Build image and start up container

docker build -t libpostal-rest .
docker run -d -p 8080:8080 libpostal-rest

Build image from specific libpostal git hash

docker build -t libpostal-rest --build-arg COMMIT=e816b4f77e8c6a7f35207ca77282ffab3712c5b6 .

Works with branch names as well

docker build -t libpostal-rest --build-arg COMMIT=parser-data .

If a commit/hash is not specified it defaults to the master branch

Feature Requests and Bugs

File a Github issue


Just submit a pull request :D

See REST API here

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