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Docker container for Cloudera Manager Server
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Docker container for Cloudera Manager Server

This docker file shows how to build your own CMS in Centos6.6

Docker instructions

  • Centos 6.6 - will be used as the base
  • Install the necessary packages like wget,sudo, ssh etc
  • Configure sudo for password key based login & create hadoop admin uid with keys
  • Disable IP Tables, Selinux ( by default selinux is disabled in centos6.6 & Cloudera doesn't like Selinux as of now )
  • Setup the Cloudera yum repo, import GPG Key
    • Install Java
    • Install CMS Server, Agents, Daemons
    • Clean up the repos,
    • Set the VM.Swapiness to cloudera recommendation - Moved to start up script - Design/Security Issue - Refer here
    • Expose the necessary ports ( there is a whole lot of them )
    • Start SSHD
  • Build the image

The default db will have to started during the first run to allow it to initialize_ mbedded db. This can be achieved by,

* Start the CMS Database - `service cloudera-scm-server-db start`
    * The script configures the DB using `` and populates `/etc/cloudera-scm-server/`
    * The default postgres DB should be configurable if you pass on the necessary conf file and then start the DB

The cloudera manager gui is configured with the default uid admin and password admin.

Known Issues:

Cloudera does not like hyphen "-" in hostnames, some times it breaks during managed installations.
The initial configuration of the embedded DB needs privileged access and currently that is no possible within Dockerfile. Need to check if running as USER ROOT will do it, but postgres will su to its own id before starting. So even that might not work

Build your image

Build your image using the dockerfile docker build --tag="local/clouderaMgrNode:v1" .

Run as container

  • I recommend running Weave before starting this node, as Weave DNS takes care of the Hostname/IP Constraints required by Cloudera & It likes the container to run in privileged mode
  • Below syntax only opens the cms server port, you might want add more ports as you need.
docker run -dti --name clouderaMgrNode \
                -p 7180:7180 \
                --privileged=true \

Manual steps to complete the image build

  • sysctl vm.swappiness=0
  • service cloudera-scm-server-db start && service cloudera-scm-server start

Connect to the Cloudera Manager gui

You can access the gui here - http://<your-clouderaMgrNode-container-ip>:7180/

To Do
  • Check if the services can be started during build itself or make them start from chkconfig is a better idea?
    • Usually CMS server takes a while to start.
  • It is possible to seperate the docker cms layer seperately and ship them leave the OS bits and attach volume containers for logs?
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