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An example that demonstrates an autologging.logged & autologging.traced app running under Docker.
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Get the latest image:
$ docker pull mzipay/autologging-issue-1

Examine the source code (just a single file app):
$ docker run mzipay/autologging-issue-1 "cat" "/src/"

Run the image directly to see the logging output emitted to the console
every two seconds (press Ctrl-C to terminate):
$ docker run mzipay/autologging-issue-1

Create and start a container for the image:
$ docker create --name=autologging-issue-1-container mzipay/autologging-issue-1
$ docker start autologging-issue-1-container

Follow the log entries that are emitted:
$ docker logs -t -f autologging-issue-1-container

Finally, stop the container:
$ docker stop autologging-issue-1-container

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