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Docker ganglia + nginx
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##Docker + Ganglia + Nginx

###to build image from Docker
git clone
cd docker-ganglia

###build as root
sudo -s
docker build -t n0needt0/docker-ganglia .

###setup host

create required data directory on the host:
this is where ganglia data will live, so it can survive redeployments
this is schema i use on my hosts like so /srv/doker/CONTAINER_NAME/..local dir on container..

mkdir -p /srv/docker/ganglia/var/lib/ganglia/rrds
chown -R nobody /srv/docker/ganglia/var/lib/ganglia/rrds

Mounted Volumes

other optional directories where your custom configuration files may live

Host Container Notes
DOCKER ASSIGNED /var/lib/ganglia ganglia data and logs
DOCKER ASSIGNED /etc/ganglia gangalia setup files
DOCKER ASSIGNED /etc/nginx nginx setup files
DOCKER ASSIGNED /etc/logrotate.d logrotate directives
DOCKER ASSIGNED /var/log logfiles

Mapped Ports

Host Container Service
8484 80 nginx //if you want security front this with something
8649 8649 ganglia UDP port //this is where you send your data from other hosts

Base Image

Built using Phusion's base image.

Running Ganglia

docker run -d --name ganglia \
--restart=always \
-v /srv/docker/ganglia/var/lib/ganglia:/var/lib/ganglia \
-v /srv/docker/ganglia/var/log:/var/log \
-p 8484:80 -p 8649:8649/udp \

###Test installation

go to http://dockerhost:8484

you should see single node, the ganglia containr itself "monitor"
after a while you should see data..

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