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This Simple role allows you to install Zap zaproxy service
which can be used to perform penetration testing.


This role requires at least Ansible v2.3.0.0. To install it, run:

Using ansible-galaxy:

$ ansible-galaxy install alban.andrieu.zap

Using arm (Ansible Role Manager):

$ arm install alban.andrieu.zap

Using git:

$ git clone


More information about alban.andrieu.zap can be found in the
TODO official alban.andrieu.zap documentation.

Role variables

List of default variables available in the inventory:

zap_enabled: yes                       # Enable module

#zap_listen_ip: ""
#zap_port: "8090"

## Where to install zap and Unix user/group
#user: "{{ lookup('env','USER') }}"
zap_owner: "zap"
#zap_owner: "{{ user }}"
zap_group: "{{ zap_owner }}"
zap_shell: "/bin/false" #/bin/bash
zap_base_dir: "/usr/local/zap"
#home: "{{ lookup('env','HOME') }}"
#zap_owner_home: "{{ home }}"
zap_owner_home: "{{ zap_base_dir }}"
zap_link_base_dir: "/opt"
zap_dir_tmp: "/tmp" # or override with "{{ tempdir.stdout }} in order to have be sure to download the file"
zap_user_state: present
#zap_pkg_state: present

## Most likely you dont need to edit
#todo zap_service_enabled   : 'yes'
zap_major: "2"
zap_minor: "4.3"
zap_build: ""
zap_version: "{{zap_major}}.{{zap_minor}}"
zap_name: "zap-{{zap_version}}"
zap_archive_extracted: "ZAP_{{zap_version}}{{zap_build}}"
zap_archive: "{{zap_archive_extracted}}_Linux.tar.gz"
zap_url: "{{zap_version}}/{{zap_archive}}"
#zap_url: "{{zap_version}}/{{zap_archive}}/download"
#zap_url: "{{zap_version}}/{{zap_archive}}?r=&ts=1411599584&use_mirror=skylink"
zap_home_dir: "{{zap_base_dir}}/{{zap_name}}"

docker_files_generated_directory: "./"
docker_files_enable: no
docker_volume_directory: "{{ zap_base_dir }}"
docker_working_directory: "/home/vagrant"
docker_image_name: "nabla/ansible-zap"

Detailed usage guide

This ansible script has been created to work with zaproxy maven plugin.
This plugin is tested using the following project bodgeit-maven.
For Jenkins I recommend using Zapper+Plugin with or without this ansible playbook
I would suggest using the following role in order to get zap tool for manual testing Ansible owasp wte - Web Testing Environment


$ ansible-galaxy install alban.andrieu.zap
$ vagrant up


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Authors and license

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Are welcome!

This role is part of the Nabla project.
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