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<h1>OpenSuse 12.3 docker for Synthese</h1>

Note : all path are relative from /opt/data inside the docker
To map the docker instance's /opt/data to a local directory outside the docker instance use :

docker run -i -t -v /absolute/local/path:/opt/data ...

help Show this help message
db=XXX Load this synthese database at start
bdsi=XXX Load this BDSI database at start
install=XXX Install the Synthese software from this file (tar.bz2 or tar.gz)
autoload If this flag is given, the synthese database will be loaded from /opt/data/synthese.sql, the bdsi from /opt/data/bdsi.sql and the executable from /opt/data/synthese.tar.bz2. Any file not found will be ignored.
bash Will run /bin/bash instead of synthese, ignoring every other parameters
run XXX Will run the arguments as an exectuable and its parameters
gdb Will run Synthese under GDB
save=XXX Will save the database after s3-server is stopped to /opt/data/XXX

All the other parameters will be directly passed to the s3-server executable.
If no arguments are given for s3-server, the default one will be used :
--dbconn mysql://host=localhost,user=synthese,passwd=synthese,db=synthese --pidfile - --param node_id=100 --param log_level=0 --param port=8080


Run a simple hello world instead of Synthese :

run echo hello world

Run synthese with default parameters (use mysql connexion):

(no arguments)

Run a specific Synthese executable with the specified database (which are in /opt/data):

install=synthese.tar.bz2 db=synthese.sql

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