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Torus - distributed storage system
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Torus Overview

Torus is an open source project for distributed storage coordinated through etcd.

Torus provides a resource pool and basic file primitives from a set of daemons running atop multiple nodes. These primitives are made consistent by being append-only and coordinated by etcd. From these primitives, a Torus server can support multiple types of volumes, the semantics of which can be broken into subprojects. It ships with a simple block-device volume plugin, but is extensible to more.

Sharding is done via a consistent hash function, controlled in the simple case by a hash ring algorithm, but fully extensible to arbitrary maps, rack-awareness, and other nice features. The project name comes from this: a hash 'ring' plus a 'volume' is a torus.

Project Status and Background

This project is experimental status at this point.

After forked from original project(retired currently), this project integrated opentracing with Jaeger.

It plans to create a bit more new feature, but performance improvment is the highest priority.

Trying out Torus

To get started quicky using Torus for the first time, start with the guide to running your first Torus cluster, learn more about setting up Torus on Kubernetes using FlexVolumes in contrib.

Contributing to Torus

Torus is an open source project and contributors are welcome!


Unless otherwise noted, all code in the Torus repository is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. Some portions of the codebase are derived from other projects under different licenses; the appropriate information can be found in the header of those source files, as applicable.

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