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The official Docker image for NamelessMC.
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NamelessMC Docker

This is the official Docker image for NamelessMC. Deploy with ease!


# Install Docker

Obviously, if you wanna use Docker for deployment, you need to install Docker.

You have to manually install Docker first if you don't have it installed on your server. Check out the official install guide here:

If you want to specify the version of NamelessMC you want, head to

# Automated Deployment

You will need to install Docker Compose for automated deploying. If you don't have it installed, run the following:

$ curl -L "$(uname -s)-$(uname -m)" -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
$ chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose

If you got a “Permission denied” error while running the commands above, add sudo at the beginning of each of them and run again. This will require sudo access.

When you're done, clone this repository and run! (-d means detach mode, e.g. run in background)

$ git clone
$ cd NamelessMC-docker
$ docker-compose up -d

When the container is up, follow the guide at

# Manual Deployment

If you more like to run the containers by yourself or using them with other containers like jwilder/nginx-proxy, you may want to do it yourself.

First, clone the repository:

$ git clone
$ cd Nameless-Docker

Next, build the image.

$ docker build -t namelessmc .

If you want to specify the version:

$ docker build --build-arg NAMELESSMC_VERSION=1.0.16 -t namelessmc .

The version number MUST BE listed here and it's not guranteed to work.

Next, run the image we just built and a MySQL container as well.

$ docker run -d -e "MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=nameless" -e "MYSQL_USER=nameless" -e "MYSQL_PASSWORD=nameless" -e "MYSQL_DATABASE=nameless" --name nameless_db mysql
$ docker run -d -p 80:80 --link nameless_db --name nameless namelessmc

That's it!


After deploying the containers, open up the corresponding URL in your web browser to get started with NamelessMC.

By default, the web server will be available at, means if you deployed it on you own computer, the URL is gonna be http://localhost. Instead, if you did it on a remote server, the URL would be http://<your-server-ip-addr>.

Follow the install instructions. When the database configuration page shows up, fill in nameless_db for the database address. For database username, password and database name, fill nameless for all of them, if you used default database credentials.

When you're done, submit and follow the rest of installation.


This repository was moved from Birkhoff Lee, and the original repository is here:, carefully made in Taiwan. :heart:

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