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Docker Node Nginx Pagespeed

This is a docker container meant for nodejs apps delivering web content and aiming to an high page speed score.
It includes a very simple custom build of nginx that will apply google's page speed goodies
so you don't need to do it yourself in you node code :)

How to use it

Simply start your container form this one:

# Dockerfile

FROM namshi/node-nginx-pagespeed

What it provides

  • nodejs
  • a simple nginx acting as a transparent proxy and including the page speed module
  • clusterjs


By default the page speed cache will be written in /var/pagespeed/cache, mount your desired directory in that path if you need

Nginx configuration

Just mount your desired config file into /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default
By default nginx will listen on the 80 port and expect your node app to listen on the 9004 port.



FROM namshi/node-nginx-pagespeed

COPY . /src
RUN npm install

CMD nginx && clusterjs src/path/to/your/app.js


  build: .
   - "80:8080"
   - .:/src
  command: bash -c 'npm install && nginx && node src/path/to/your/app.js'


No, there's no SSL support in here. The main purpose is just to be able to use pagespeed in a simple and isolated way for the contained application.
We strongly suggest you to put your very own nginx on top of this supporting SSL and everything else you might need :)

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