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docker image of JIRA
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Docker for Atlassian JIRA

Simply run Docker with:

docker run -d -p 8080:8080 nando_neck/jira-docker-test

If you are using OSX you first need to find out your boot2docker IP before you can access your application:

boot2docker ip

Now open http://[Docker Host IP]:8080 in your browser.

On a live environment, we are using nginx from jwilder:

So to run the application at your own url just run the jwilder/nginx-proxy and use the following command:

docker run -d -VIRTUAL_HOST=subdomain.domain.tld -VIRTUAL_PORT=8080 nando_neck/jira-docker-test

If you need a persistant file system and mysql database, please use:

#mysql server
docker run --name yourmysql -v /data/mysql/conf:/etc/mysql/conf.d -v /data/mysql/data:/var/lib/mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=[yourpasswordhere] -d mysql:latest

#data container
docker run -u root --name data-jira -v /dockerData/jiraHome:/var/local/atlassian/nando_neck/jira-docker-test chown -R daemon /var/local/atlassian/jira

#persistant storage and connected database
docker run -v /data/jira:/var/local/atlassian/jira --link yourmysql:db --d -e RAM_MIN=2048 -e RAM_MAX=4096 -e VIRTUAL_HOST=subdomain.yourdomain.tld nando_neck/jira-docker-test

If you want to connect to the server using remote debugging in your environment:

docker run -p 8080:8080 -p 5005:5005 -e CONF_REMOTE_DEBUG=true -d -e RAM_MIN=2048 -e RAM_MAX=4096 nando_neck/jira-docker-test

Docker Compose

An example to run it in a Docker compose file:


  image: nando_neck/jira-docker-test
    - /data/[your directory]:/var/atlassian/jira
    - mysql:db
    - VIRTUAL_HOST=[your url if you run with nginx]
    - VIRTUAL_PORT=8080
    - RAM_MIN=2048
    - RAM_MAX=8048
    - HTTPS=true
    - PROXY_NAME=[your url if you run with nginx will be added to server.xml]
    - NEWRELIC_LICENSE=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    - NEWRELIC_APP_NAME=[your name if you want to use newrelic! if not remove the 3 newrelic lines]
    - NEWRELIC=true
  restart: always

  image: mysql:5.6
    - /data/mysql/conf:/etc/mysql/conf.d
    - /data/mysqljira:/var/lib/mysql
    - MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=[your very long passwort you need in case you need root to the db]
    - MYSQL_USER=jira
    - MYSQL_PASSWORD=[your very long password]
  restart: always

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