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Docker image to run AWS DynamoDB on local environment
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Basic docker image for local development with AWS DynamoDB

Running image

docker run -it -p 8000:8000 -v /my/local/data/files:/dynamodb-data nandotorres/dynamodb-local


In order to test if the container is working as expected we can use the aws dynamodb cli

aws dynamodb list-tables --endpoint-url http://localhost:8000

    "TableNames": []

Don't miss to especify the parameter --endpoint-url to point to localhost on the port you bind your dynamodb container.

Create a new table

aws dynamodb create-table --table-name MusicCollection --attribute-definitions AttributeName=Artist,AttributeType=S AttributeName=SongTitle,AttributeType=S --key-schema AttributeName=Artist,KeyType=HASH AttributeName=SongTitle,KeyType=RANGE --provisioned-throughput ReadCapacityUnits=5,WriteCapacityUnits=5 --endpoint-url http://localhost:8000

    "TableDescription": {
        "TableArn": "arn:aws:dynamodb:ddblocal:000000000000:table/MusicCollection", 
        "AttributeDefinitions": [
                "AttributeName": "Artist", 
                "AttributeType": "S"
                "AttributeName": "SongTitle", 
                "AttributeType": "S"
        "ProvisionedThroughput": {
            "NumberOfDecreasesToday": 0, 
            "WriteCapacityUnits": 5, 
            "LastIncreaseDateTime": 0.0, 
            "ReadCapacityUnits": 5, 
            "LastDecreaseDateTime": 0.0
        "TableSizeBytes": 0, 
        "TableName": "MusicCollection", 
        "TableStatus": "ACTIVE", 
        "KeySchema": [
                "KeyType": "HASH", 
                "AttributeName": "Artist"
                "KeyType": "RANGE", 
                "AttributeName": "SongTitle"
        "ItemCount": 0, 
        "CreationDateTime": 1490622433.359

Using with Java

import com.amazonaws.regions.Regions;
// This client will default to US West (Oregon)
AmazonDynamoDBClient client = new AmazonDynamoDBClient();

// Modify the client so that it accesses a different region.

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