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Nano Ghost

This is the Docker Nano image for Ghost v0.11.3.


The site URL, IP and port can be customized when a container is run using a command similar to the following.

  • docker run -dp -e NANO_URL= --name Ghost nano/ghost:latest

If additional customization is required a configuration file can be mapped to /etc/ghost/config.js using volumes.
Use product/config.js as a starting template.

  • docker run -dp -v /my/config.js:/etc/ghost/config.js --name Ghost nano/ghost:latest

Ghost's content directory is mapped to /var/ghost and can be mirrored to the host using volumes.


Nano Ghost is configured to use a SMTP server running on the host and might work without any additional configuration
as long as the following requirements are met.

  • An MTA such as Postfix or Exim is installed on the host.
  • The host MTA is bound to the docker0 network interface.
  • The docker0 network interface has the default IP of

If you're running a firewall don't forget to permit docker0 traffic. For example, to allow all inbound traffic from
docker0 with iptables, run iptables -A INPUT -i docker0 -m comment --comment Docker -j ACCEPT.

To use a different mail configuration supply a custom configuration as described in usage.

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