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Nano ZNC

This is the Docker Nano image for ZNC v1.4 with IPv6 and SSL support.

The run as root restriction has been removed so the -r switch does nothing now.


ZNC's runtime data directory is mapped to /var/znc and can be mirrored to the host using volumes as shown in the following commands. Additionally, ZNC's configuration directory is mapped to /etc/znc, but everything is accessible via /var/znc.

To create a new configuration run a command similar to the following. Make sure to specify the same port number in the run line and the configuration. When configuration is complete use [Ctrl]+[P], [Ctrl]+[Q] to detach from the Docker session.

  • docker run -itp 1337:1337 -v /var/znc:/var/znc nano/znc:latest znc -fc

To run as a daemon using an existing configuration on the host try the following. Use docker logs to inspect the output if there is a problem.

  • docker run -dp 1337:1337 -v /var/znc:/var/znc nano/znc:latest
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