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Nanocloud community allows every application to be pushed out in any browser.
Full Description


Simply run the following command to install and run Nanocloud:

curl --progress-bar "" | sh

Read carefully outputs for this script, it will prodive you usefull
information about the installation directory and URL where your installation
will be accessible.

Alternative to curl

If you don't want to or cannot use curl, you can launch the installer this

wget "" -q -O - | sh


For your host computer

  • CPU must support hardware virtualization (Intel VT-x or AMD-V).
  • Operating system must be a linux 64 bit. It is advised to use Debian 8 or
    later. Other Linux distributions may work.
  • At least 4GB of RAM available.
  • At least 7GB disk space (10GB recommended, depending on the software you want
    to deploy).

You also need to install the following packages on your distribution:

  • docker
  • docker-compose
  • curl or wget


To uninstall Nanocloud, run the script located in the root of the install directory


Then you will need to manually remove your current directory

How to build

Building Windows from Nanocloud Community requires some packages :

  • packer
  • qemu
  • sshpass
  • netcat

Then to build your own installer, use this script:

./ windows
./ nanocloud

Or simply to build both in one command :


It will build windows image and then nanocloud containers.
Afterwards, You can launch the following command to install your build on your

Docker Pull Command