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Nano Server (v.10.0.14393.1480) + IIS + MySQL + PHP + WordPress. Updated on 08/02/2017.
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Nano Server (Container). Container Base: microsoft/nanoserver.
IIS, PHP 7 (version 7.1.7), MySQL 5 (mysql-5.7.19), WordPress (4.8).

How to use the Container:
Install docker on your OS (Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Nano Server, etc.).
Once docker is installed, execute in elevated prompt (bash, powershell 5, etc):
docker pull nanoserver/iis-mysql-php-wordpress

To run docker just type:
docker run --name nanoiis -d -it -p 80:80 nanoserver/iis-mysql-php-wordpress

Show base images:
docker images

Show running containers: docker ps -a -f status=running

Show container IP:
docker inspect -f "{{ .NetworkSettings.Networks.nat.IPAddress }}" nanoiis

Show containerID:
docker inspect --format="{{.Id}}" nanoiis

Now you can access via browser using container IP (ex.: ). Use here container IP.
You also can access via powershell: Enter-PSSession <type-here-containerID> -RunAsAdministrator

If you want container starts everytime docker service starts:
docker update --restart=always <type-here-containerID>

MySQL Users:
root --> Password123 / dbuser --> Password123
dbuser (wordpress user) --> Password123
usuario (wordpress user) --> Password123


Nano Server is a Microsoft product. Terms of use:

Hope you enjoy that container. Rate, comment and share it. Thanks...

Dockerfiles for Nano Server:

More info and tutorials:

Docker Pull Command

Comments (8)
a month ago

So when I run this command: docker run --name nanoiis -d -it -p 80:80 nanoserver / iis-mysql-php-wordpress, creating the container commance and the starting line is df9dc37b7b72a8623d91b7c89b5e4c6702f462743ddd7566c9625e1ece5dfd2f. His residence at this level without ending. I do not know how to advance. how to do?

a month ago

I test it on Nano Server. I already install everything, and comoris this nanserver / iis-mysql-php-worldpress. The problem is that when I run the command to start the container, the startup starts and since I waited, it does not finish.

2 months ago

Hi puresoft.
I rebuild all with new version of Nano Server, PHP, MySQL and WordPress. I also tested everything if new build work fine. You were right, curl extension and permissions of folder was bad configured. Now are fine and ready to test. You can test it, if you have any issues, please, let me known. Tranks for feedback and enjoy it !!!

2 months ago

Hi puresoft !!!
Thanks for you kind comment !!
I'm going to check it out your issue and I'll give you a solution as soon as possible.
Cheers !

2 months ago

Hi kasongomali

Can you tell us what error you get?
Are you using windows?
In order to work fine, you have to enable windows container role on Windows 10 or Server 2016. After enable the role, you have to install Docker community version for windows, switch to Windows Windows Container. If you do it right, you can create the container fine. Hope it help you ! Thanks.

2 months ago

I have just launched this command: docker run --name nanoiis -d -it -p 80:80 nanoserver / iis-mysql-php-wordpress and I notice that the creation of the container starts but it does not finish. what should I do?
Help me please
my name is henry

5 months ago

Hi, nice wokr!
Wordpress update faild with Error: Could not create directory.

8 months ago

it's possible to see dockerfile?