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Proof of Concept for a RESTFul API made with Node.js
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Nobody should start to undertake a large project. You start with a small trivial project, and you should never expect it to get large. If you do, you'll just overdesign and generally think it is more important than it likely is at that stage. Or worse, you might be scared away by the sheer size of the work you envision. So start small, and think about the details. Don't think about some big picture and fancy design. If it doesn't solve some fairly immediate need, it's almost certainly over-designed. And don't expect people to jump in and help you. That's not how these things work. You need to get something half-way useful first, and then others will say "hey, that almost works for me", and they'll get involved in the project.

— Linus Torvalds.


This repository is a Proof of Concept for a secure RESTful Node.js application.


The project has been implemented using the Atom editor.


Created by Nano Taboada under a MIT License.
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