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A mirror of nanshe/nanshe_workflow from
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Allows for a lightweight mirroring of the nanshe_workflow container ( ). Thus, codebases pulling from the original image will still pull the same common layers.



This repo is part of an automated build, which is hosted on Docker Hub ( ). Changes added to this trigger an automatic rebuild and deploy the resulting image to Docker Hub. To download an existing image, one simply needs to run docker pull nanshe/nanshe_workflow.


If one wishes to develop this repo, building will need to be performed manually. This container can be built simply by cding into the repo and using docker build -t <NAME> . where <NAME> is the name tagged to the image built. More information about building can be found in Docker's documentation ( ). Please consider opening a pull request for changes that you make.


The container used by this container as a base,, is tested independently along with its contents. As this image is merely a placeholder for and does nothing but use that image, no further testing is performed.


For more information about how to use this container visit the repo on GitHub ( ).

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