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Docker image to automatically update Gandi DNS with the current IP adress
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This image is based my own Alpine Linux base image.

This image contains :

  • the python Gandi CLI for the v4 version
  • curl and jq to access Gandi REST API for the v5 version


Use this image to update a DNS record to the current IP of the host: docker run -e GANDI_API_KEY="YOUR GANDI API KEY" -e GANDI_HOST="THE HOST NAME IN THE GANDI DOMAIN" -e GANDI_DOMAIN="YOUR GANDI DOMAIN" --name gandi napnap75/rpi-gandi:latest
Use the following images :

  • napnap75/rpi-gandi:v4 if you use the v4 version of Gandi
  • napnap75/rpi-gandi:v5 or napnap75/rpi-gandi:latest if you use the v5 version of Gandi

Every 5 minutes, the image will automatically check the current IP address of the host and, if necessary, update the DNS.

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