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My own Docker image for Sickrage on a Raspberry Pi
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This image is based my own Alpine Linux base image.

This image contains :


  1. Map one volume with the /home folder if you want the Sickrage config directory (with the config file and database) to persist.
  2. Map the volumes where you want you torrent downloaded to an unused folder in the image (for example /data).
  3. Set the RUN_AS environment variable on startup (either with docker run -e RUN_AS=1234:5678 or with the environment key in your compose file). In that case, the image is built with root privileges and only the main process is run as a non-priviledged user (for security reasons). The form of the RUN_AS variable must be UID:GID of the user.

Usage example

docker run -v YOUR-SICKRAGE-HOME-DIRECTORY:/home -v YOUR-MEDIA-FILES-DIRECTORY:/media napnap75/rpi-sickrage:latest


If you set the RUN_AS environment variable, the program will not be allowed to upgrade itself and you will have to manually upgrade it (either by rebuilding the image or by using the docker exec command (which do not use the entrypoint script and therefore is run as ROOT)).

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