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PHP 5.6, MySQL and the most useful extensions and packages (pear, composer, phpunit, phpcs, etc).
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OS: Ubuntu 15.04

PHP 5.6.4-ubuntu6.2

Apache 2.4.10, running on port 80.

Default extensions: "Core", "date","ereg","libxml","openssl","pcre","zlib","bcmath","bz2","calendar","ctype","dba","dom","hash","fileinfo","filter","ftp","gettext","SPL","iconv","mbstring","pcntl","session","posix","Reflection","standard","shmop","SimpleXML","soap","sockets","Phar","exif","sysvmsg","sysvsem","sysvshm","tokenizer","wddx","xml","xmlreader","xmlwriter","zip","json","readline","mhash", "Zend OPcache".

Additional extensions: "curl","intl", "apc", "apcu", "memcached","mysql","mysqli","pdo_mysql", "PDO".

Packages: curl, pear, wget, git, composer, phpunit, phpcs, memcached, mysql.

All packages are available from anywhere in the command line, i.e. composer --version, phpunit --version, phpcs --version. This is meant to help test projects without needing to add these packages as vendors in the require-dev section of composer.json.

This build brings a php.ini with most troublesome configuration already fixed (you will not get warnings for a missing default date.timezone, for example).

If you need a docker image with some extension not installed in this one and don't know how to make it yourself (or don't want to), contact me at `` and I'll tag a different version for you.

MySQL Credentials: root/root, at (default port 3306).

If you're looking for a runner for GitLab, check out naroga/gitlab-runner-php56

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