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TorrentMonitor - PHP application that monitors trackers and automatically downloads torrent files
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How to run and support on Linux and Windows -
About Torrentmonitor application


How to run

$ docker run -d -p 8080:80 --name=torrentmonitor --restart=always -v $(pwd)/torrents:/data/htdocs/torrents -v $(pwd)/db:/data/htdocs/db nawa/armhf-torrentmonitor

Also you can use environment variables

  • -e CRON_TIMEOUT="0 * * * *" Specify execution timeout in crontab format. Default - every hour.
  • -e PHP_TIMEZONE="Europe/Moscow" Set default timezone for PHP. Default - UTC.
  • -e PHP_MEMORY_LIMIT="512M" Set php memory limit. Default - 512M.

ARM version


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a year ago

Please some comment how it must work.
Отпишите как оно в теории должно работать. А то люди уже очень спрашивают.