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The NCAR Atmospheric Sounding Processing Environment (Aspen)
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  • Docker (usually available by default on Linux)
  • An X server (usually available by default on Linux)

Install and Run

$ docker pull ncareol/aspen
$ xhost + #  On macOS and Linux only
$ docker run -it --rm -e DISPLAY=<your ip>:0 \
    -v home_aspen:/home/aspen -v "<data path>:/data" \

  • <your ip>: the IP of your machine (X11 client).

  • home_aspen: creates a docker named volume which holds the aspen home directory for the container. Configuration and the sounding database will be saved here, and will persist between system reboots.

  • <data path>: absolute path to a directory tree on the host system, containing sounding data files. This will be accessible from the Aspen app as Computer:/data.

  • Sample sounding files and the geospatial database may be located, in the Aspen file access popups, under Computer:/var/lib/aspen/AspenV3.3-xxxxxxxx/


Docker: Docker for Mac is a turnkey Docker solution for MacOS.

X server: Install XQuartz:

  • brew cask install xquartz
  • Logout/login
  • run XQuartz (in Applications/Utilities)
    • Preferences->Security: Allow connections from network clients
  • Xquartz must be running for Aeros to display on macOS.


Docker: Docker for Windows is a turnkey Docker solution for Windows 10.

X server: Mobatek provides an excellent (and free) X-server.

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