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Cassandra Docker image based on spotify/cassandra image. This image is built to run on CoreOS.
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Cassandra Docker image


Cassandra Docker image based on Spotify image.


On a Docker host

Start the container:

docker run -d -P -e SERVICE_PORT=9160 -e CASSANDRA_TOKEN=0 --name cassandra ncarlier/cassandra

On CoreOS

Configure etcd:

# Get tokens (for 3 nodes)
python -c 'print [str(((2**64 / 3) * i) - 2**63) for i in range(3)]'

# Set cluster name
etcdctl set /configurations/cassandra/clustername wlcore
# Set seeds IP
etcdctl set /configurations/cassandra/seeds,,
# Set tokens for each node:
etcdctl set -- /configurations/cassandra/node1/token -9223372036854775808
etcdctl set -- /configurations/cassandra/node2/token -3074457345618258603
etcdctl set /configurations/cassandra/node3/token 3074457345618258602

Start the cluster:

fleetctl start cassandra@{1..3}.service


Build the image with make.

Use make help to see available commands for this image.

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