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CouchDB with full text search functionality from Cloudant's Clouseau and Dreyfus packages
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CouchDB with Cloudant Style Search

This is a CouchDB 2.0 with full text search capabilities that follows the steps from this blog post from Cloudant

The Dockerfile template for this image has been open sourced at

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  • search: Ubuntu Trusty, CouchDB 2.0 alpha, OpenJDK 7, Erlang 18.1-1 with Cloudant Full Text Search


  • Full text searching that's compatible with Cloudant. This uses the open sourced bits of the Cloudant Full Text Search (Dreyfus and Clouseau) to provide the funcitonality
  • Fauxton console
  • Admin party enabled for credential free usage
  • Ubuntu Trusty LTS based
  • High Availability enabled (haproxy)


[sudo] docker pull ncheaz/couchdb:search
# expose it to the world on port 15984
[sudo] docker run -d -p 15984:15984 ncheaz/couchdb:search

There will be a Fauxton console available at http://localhost:15984/_utils

Full text searching is enabled and fully functional. See the Cloudant documentation for more info on how to test use the full text searching capabilities.

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