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A Job Processor fro distributed task execution
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Job Processor

The Job Processor is a web application that exposes: a web GUI, the REST API and Websockets endpoints.

It is possible to handle:

  • the list of scripts that can be executed;
  • the list of nodes of the computation cluster;
  • all jobs that are started and executed;

In order to execute the Job Processor it is necessary to instantiate other two docker images:

  • mongo as database for data persistency, linking the image as mongodb;
  • rabbitmq as message broker for distributed computations, linking the image as rabbitmq;

The web app will be reachable at port 8000 on localhost and it will be possible to start script execution.
A script is a python module containing a file named with the function run defined inside (this function will be called at script execution).

Any script can be upload into the Job Processor application in a zip compressed format.

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