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Installation of the software server and PEcAn.
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Installation of both PEcAn and the software server. This can connect to a RabbitMQ endpoint to process requests for BrownDog and PEcAn. This will only serve PEcAn.

This exports the VOLUME /home/carya/cache which will be used to cache any conversions done. This can grow large in the case of NARR (1TB) and will save a significant amount of time. This will also export the port 8182 which is needed for the softwareserver.

For this to work correctly you will need to either provide the docker container with a public IP address, or you will need to pass the IP address of the hosting machine. The IP address of the hosting machine can be passed in using -e PUBLICIP=$(ifconfig eth0 | awk '/inet addr/{print substr($2,6)}')

This container does not contain a RabbitMQ server and you will need to pass in the location of the RabbitMQ server. This can be done using -e RABBITMQURI="amqp://username:password@hostname:5672/vhost"

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