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Jenkins slave using JNLP to establish connection and embedding Docker tools
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Jenkins JNLP slave with Docker in Docker image


A Jenkins slave embedding Docker and using JNLP to establish connection.

See Jenkins Distributed builds for more info.


The purpose of this image is to run Docker-capable slaves in the AWS ECS cloud, allowing to achieve a Docker-backed continuous integration/deployment platform, deploying containerized projects into a AWS ECS cloud.
The deployment scenario is the following:

  • Github/bitbucket hook running a Jenkins build task upon Git tag being pushed
  • The Jenkins build task pulls the sources and builds a container based on the project Dockerfile
  • If available, a test script is executed and can build a test project task using docker-compose and project embedded fixtures
  • On success, the project container is pushed into AWS ECR, with a Docker tag corresponding to the Git tag
  • Optionally, a Jenkins deployment task can then run to udpate the corresponding ECS service, using this new container

To achieve such a scenario, containers can't be run directly on instances embedding ECS instances without using the AWS API, hence the need to run them inside another container.
Using a Docker enabled slave helps to avoid execution conflicts and simplifies returning a clean environment.

Configuration specifics

See the base image

Additional tools

This container embeds docker and docker-compose. It has to run in privileged mode for these tools to be working.

Configuration specifics and running

See the base image for instructions: jenkinsci/jnlp-slave

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