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Hornet, realtime engine
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Hornet-docker offers a dockerization of Hornet, a realtime engine originally built for Fresc.

You can find all informations about Hornet on its Github repository.

This docker image is based on the official Redis Docker repository, and is powered by Supervisor to control both processes of Redis and Hornet.

Build it

Build this dockerfile by :

$ docker build -t hornet .

Run it

Run the built hornet image by :

$ docker run --name some-hornet -p 8187:8187 -d hornet

You can also get the image from the Nectify DockerHub :

$ docker run --name some-hornet -p 8187:8187 -d nectify/hornet

Link it

Connect the Hornet container from your application :

$ docker run --name some-app --link some-hornet:hornet -d application-that-uses-hornet

Docker will provide to your some-app container some useful environment variables with informations about Hornet address :

  • HORNET_PORT_8187_TCP_ADDR : IP address of the container
  • HORNET_PORT_8187_TCP_PORT : port number for Hornet

Exposed ports

  • 8187 : default port for Hornet
  • 6379 : default port for Redis (from its Dockerfile)

Get the logs

Supervisor provides logs for Hornet and Redis.

These logs are in the directory /var/log/supervisor.

Share it with your Docker host by mounting it as a volume :

$ docker run --name some-hornet -p 8187:8187 -v /path/from/host:/var/log/supervisor -d hornet


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