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Ubuntu based server with xnbd wrapper to export network block devices
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Ubuntu based container exposes named network block devices

To run a server

The basic format is:

docker run -d \
--name nbd \
-v <local_block_dir>:<container_block_dir>
-p "10809:8520" \
neiltheblue/simplenbdwrapper \
<container_block_dir>[/<img_file>] ...

Where <local_block_dir> is a directory on your host with block devices to export. They can be mapped anywhere in your container and referenced with one or more command options <container_block_dir>/<img_file> to export a specific image file or <container_block_dir> to export all files in the directory. For example:

docker run -d \
--name nbd \
-v /images:/block
-p "10809:8520" \
neiltheblue/simplenbdwrapper \
/block/disk1.img /block/disk2.img

The options may also include --cow to run in copy-on-write mode and --readonly to run in readonly mode.

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